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The Best Way to Inspire a Friend in a Drug Rehab

Posted: March 28, 2015 by in Better Treatment Addiction Rehab

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People who enter a drug rehab facility will find themselves in an uncomfortable position. But it might be even more uncomfortable to watch your friend or loved one when as they enter a treatment facility. You might not know how to be supportive or helpful to a friend in rehab, and their substance abuse might have created a lot of tension in your friendship over time. However, you can still be there to inspire your friend as they strive for sobriety and trying to complete their treatment program.

There are a lot of things you can say or do to let your friend know that you support their progress in recovery. Your presence will mean a lot to them and you can start inspiring them by:

  • Telling them to always do their best. While your friend is working to recover, your communication with them may become limited. It’s crucial that you send your friend notes of encouragement, telling them to do their best and keep working towards recovery. Letting them know that they have that kind of support reassures them that they have made a very good choice by going to rehab.
  • Showing them that you are proud. Showing your friend that you are proud and happy because of their decision to enter a drug rehab will make them feel proud about themselves too. Deciding to enter a drug rehab may not have been an easy decision to make on their part, but you can give them positive reinforcement just by showing appreciation for what they are doing and what they’re accomplishing.
  • Telling them you will always be there. Upon entering rehab for the first time, your friend may feel lonely and fearful of losing connection to outside society. To help ease that feeling, tell them that you will always be around for them. Letting them know that you are always there to provide support will let them know that they will not be left behind.
  • Gathering more help. Getting more support from other friends and family members is a gesture of support for your friend. They will feel that they can rely on more people as they continue to progress in their recovery.

Your willingness to be there and offer kind words of wisdom are valuable factors in the recovery process for your friend. Keep on offering your friendship and inspirational thoughts to help others in need.

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