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Teen Party Flicks: Epic Escapade or Horrible Hangover?

Posted: January 14, 2015 by in Better Treatment Addiction Rehab

teen party movies

Many teen comedy movies have one thing in common: A group of adolescents go to parties, binge drink, and get into a bad situation that they barely get away from. Hugely successful movies like the American Pie series, 2007’s Superbad and Project X use this formula.

Many distinctive factors may impact teens’ choices to drink alcohol like whether their friends do, however a recent study found that viewing a lot of movies that feature alcohol nearly doubles the risks that young teens will begin drinking and increases the risks that they will proceed onward to alcoholism too.

On Screen vs. Reality

Most films are based or centered on teen partying and drinking glamorize that gathering scene, making it appear that the wildest, most epic stuff will happen. On screen, it turns into a paramount escapade from which you return home safely with the story of a lifetime.

Real life is different. Underage drinking, and particularly hitting the bottle hard, is not stylish or funny. It can often lead to behaviors that are disgusting and can lead to embarrassing yourself in front of your friends. For example, throwing up in somebody’s car on the way home. Also the movies never show the monstrous aftereffect the following morning. Far and away drinking in real life is more terrible, and can involve many terrible and risky choices like driving intoxicated.

Alcohol Featured on Purpose

Teens should always be aware of why certain things may be going on TV or in the films and become ‘media-wise’.

Whenever you see alcohol on screen, ask yourself for why the movie makers put it there. Is it truthful to say that they are attempting to make you giggle and laugh? Does the circumstance make it appear ‘cool’ and like ‘everyone’s doing it’?

Does seeing on-screen characters drinking alcohol on screen make you more inclined to attempt it? Do you feel the same way if one of the characters smokes cigarettes?

Learn some of the things you should think about when you watch TV or movies so that you can make better choices in real life rather than trying to live up to the false expectations produced by movies and TV.


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