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drug rehab

People who enter a drug rehab facility will find themselves in an uncomfortable position. But it might be even more uncomfortable to watch your friend or loved one when as they enter a treatment facility. You might not know how to be supportive or helpful to a friend in rehab, and their substance abuse might […]

Alcohol Abuse Signs and Symptoms

Alcohol abuse experts make a discrepancy between alcoholism and alcohol abuse. Unlike alcoholics, alcohol abusers have some ability to set limits on their drinking pattern. But there alcohol use is still dangerous and self-destructive to themselves or others.

Substance Abuse and Crime Facts

Drug use and intoxication can impair judgment, resulting in criminal behavior, poor anger management, and violent behavior. Sometimes drug users steal money or property to be able to buy drugs.  Often they will commit crimes while “high: on drugs, and many drug users are sent to jail or prison. Murders that happened specifically during a […]

teen party movies

Many teen comedy movies have one thing in common: A group of adolescents go to parties, binge drink, and get into a bad situation that they barely get away from. Hugely successful movies like the American Pie series, 2007’s Superbad and Project X use this formula. Many distinctive factors may impact teens’ choices to drink […]